WinShellEx SDK
posted by illumination
2018-01-11 [02:00]

Having not done anything on the WinShellEx project for a while, I have started feeling bad about leeving it in a state that was not condusive for the development of shells that wanted to use WSE. The problem is that having upgraded GeoShell to use WSE and then having spent time developing the installer for GeoShell, I ran into some very tricky issues relating to deployment and compatability. Unfortunately there is no good way to solve these issues, so I have resolved myself to putting together a system that will attempt to provide any shell, using any installation system a recomended way of deploying WSE on a users system, whether they have WSE already installed or not.

I have also spent some time discussing with Jaykul how we should go about handling compatability with Explorer as well as legacy shells. We managed to come up with a scheme that I think will work, and I have started to code it. The biggest part is the Explorer compatibility, which will take a little while to implement.

Also to make things easier for other shell developers, I have begun putting together a SDK, which consists of documentation as well as an API to make things easier for non C++ languages.

I am happy to be able to say that I think things are looking good and I think we should be ready for a 1.0 release quite soon. Check back here for more updates.